AKC German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in San Diego, California

Von Ward Kennels German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in San Diego, California

 We breed German Shepherds that are larger than standard, straight backed and less angled than many of the GSD’s being produced today.

We test for hips, elbows, DM and DNA Please scroll down to see our puppies and upcoming litters for sale puppy group dogs in snow

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Von Ward Kennels ‘Sires and Dams in Our Breeding Stock

Sires:    Unkas     |     Titan

Dams:   Carmon   |     Maggie   |   Dyana   |   Noor   |    Sudona    |    Laya     |   Stella   |     Mia   |

Please note: Puppies are picked out on pick up day. Appointments are made according to when you place your deposit. So the first pick of male will have their appointment before the other male deposits; so forth and so on. Same for the females.

Puppies go home with AKC papers, current vaccine/deworming schedule and a WRITTEN hip and health guarantee.

For Sale and Upcoming Litters

Listed below are our litters expected to be coming soon. Make sure you look at our testimonial pages to see many of our previous puppies; some from the parents below. If you are interested in holding a place in a litter please call Stephanie at 619-987-8923


Unkas and Carmon have a stunningly gorgeous male available. This male will mature to approximately 115lbs. All puppies will be suitable for families and protectors of the home. He is $1700 call Stephanie at 6199878923




carmen 4 years

Carmen MOM









Available male puppy

Available male puppy









Titan and Stella had a litter of eight puppies April 10. 5 Males and 3 females. Puppies ready to go home approx. June 3 and 4th. These will be larger dogs weighing about 90-110lbs. Stella DOES NOT carry the black gene so all of these puppies are black and tans and rich black and reds. Males are $1700 and females $1500. Call Stephanie at 619-987-8923

titan stalking





Male 1) Deposit- P.W.

Male 2) Deposit-M.L.

Male 3) Deposit-KP

Male 4)Deposit-KG

Male 5)Deposit-GA




Female 1)Deposit-CC

Female 2)Deposit-KB

Female 3)Deposit-SH

Current video of this litter


Titan and Noor had a litter of 12 puppies April 17; 5 males and 7 females. Puppies ready to go home approx. June 10. These will be larger dogs weighing between 90-110lbs full grown. Mom is 100% pure Czech from exceptional bloodlines and dad is 1/2 Czech and 1/2 DDR so these will be very balanced dogs with medium/high drive great for any environment. Mom does not carry the black gene and her coat color will be dominant in this breeding with some puppies being a little lighter and some a little darker. Males are $1700 and females $1500. We are accepting deposits now. Call Stephanie at 619-987-8923



noor standing side


Male 1)Deposit-S.D.

Male 2)Deposit-R & N B backup from Sudona male

Male 3)Deposit-O K backup from Sudona

Male 4)Deposit-KP backup from Stella

Male 5)Deposit-D & PW backup from Stella


Female 1) Deposit-S.D. backup from male

Female 2)Deposit-KN

Female 3)Deposit-SC backup from Sudona

Female 4)

Female 5)

Female 6)

Female 7)

Click here to see most recent video



titan noor male 2

previous male puppy from these two parents











Titan and Sudona are expecting a litter April 17 and puppies will be ready to go home approx. June 16. These will be larger dogs weighing between 90-120lbs. (Some larger!)Mom does not carry the black gene and so puppies will be her color and some a little darker. All puppies will have med/high drive and some will be neutral (like dad) while others will be more alpha (like mom) All will be extremely loyal and loving family protectors. Males are $1700 and females are $1500. Accepting deposits now. Call Stephanie at 619-987-8923

titan stalking


Titan Sudona male

Male puppy from these parents

sudona head shot 2



Female 1)Deposit-DL

Female 2)Deposit-KN backup from Noor

Female 3)Deposit-SH

Female 4)Deposit-KB backup from Stella

Female 5)Deposit-DR

Female 6)Deposit-SP

Male 1)Deposit- R & N B

Male 2) Deposit-O K

Male 3)Deposit-KG backup from Stella

Male 4)Deposit-GA backup from Stella

Male 5) Deposit- ML Backup from Stella





Before you place a deposit, Please download or print our guarantee and contract. Fill it out and return to us either by texting it, scanning and emailing or through regular mail. Remember that regular mail is slower and cause you to not get the spot you want if I get other deposits and contracts before yours. Once I receive your signed contract and your deposit, I will sign one and send to you


here for contract/guarantee




For your convenience, we have a easy way for you to make your deposit. Click the link below.



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Pedigree shows what the dog is SUPPOSED to be. Conformation shows what the dog LOOKS to be. Performance shows what the dog IS. Author unknown

  • We can deliver your puppy/dog to you in an air conditioned vehicle for an additional fee of $30 an hour plus gas. But within a 5 hour drive (according to GPS) or you can drive to pick up your puppy. Due to new USDA rules, we unfortunately can no longer ship puppies. If you wanted to ship your puppy, you would need to first come to our kennels and then ship the puppy out yourself.  Call us for more details 619-987-8923
  • Our deposit is $300. We charge an additional $10 to cover our costs via PayPal. We take deposits seriously and puppies are not an impulse buy. Deposits are non-refundable but can be moved onto another litter. We are now able to take credit cards in person or through pay pal online.
  • While we do accept checks for deposits and payments before pick up day, any final payments made on pick up day needs to be cash or Credit Card.
  • Approximately 10% of litters are not successful for many various reasons. By placing a deposit on a litter not yet born, please keep this in mind and be willing to move your deposit onto another litter at a later date.
  • Explanation for limited registration: We charge $500 extra to anyone wanting breeding rights. This allows us to offer puppies to pet homes at a more affordable price. You will still get AKC papers except they will say limited. If you bred a dog that was registered limited, then you would not be able to register the offspring. This limit however, can be lifted by the breeder.
  • Apartment living: All our AKC German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in San Diego, California are bred for longevity, strong hips and elbows, and great minds with working drive but able to rest when the work is done. That said, while it can be done, I strongly urge anyone who lives in an apartment to think carefully about how much time and work it can be to keep a large, working dog in an apartment. I will not sell a puppy to anyone who lives in an apartment and leaves the dog home alone all day. At least one person needs to be home during the day. The dog needs to be taken outside to play at least once a day and taken for potty breaks many times EVERY day. Also, please check with your apartments rules on German Shepherds; some complexes do not allow them.
  • New Policy Starting March 2014 NO puppy visits until puppies are 7 weeks old. New strains of the Parvo Virus are abundant and it is my job to keep puppies safe. I used to use a high titer Parvo Vaccine at 4 weeks and this has proven to no longer protect all puppies. So please understand as much as you would like to visit with your puppies as they grow I can no longer allow this until they are 7 weeks.  I will send out emails with pictures or videos weekly. No outside dogs are allowed at anytime. Thank you for understanding how important it is for me to keep the puppies safe.
  • We ENCOURAGE you to visit other breeders so you have an informed opinion and we have no doubt you will be thoroughly impressed when you visit our kennels. If you do visit other breeders, please do so on a different day that you visit.
  • Von Ward Kennels will take back any puppy at any time in their lives if their owners can no longer care for them. Please never take a Von Wards dog to a shelter if you can no longer keep them.  
  • This is a chart showing the standard weight for GSD’S. While most of our dogs are larger than the standard, we do have a couple of breeding females that are within standard.

german shep. standard


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