Dangers of Oral Flea and Tick Medicines

I am often asked what do I do for fleas, ticks, heartworms and other worms. My protocol has worked very good for me. I live in the country where parasites  abound and I have to protect my dogs but at the same time I am very much aware of the dangers of many chemicals being pushed by veterinarians. Lets first go over these dangers and then I will tell how I take care of parasites in my dogs.

Oral flea and tick meds are all the rage right now because it is one pill that takes care of fleas, ticks and worms. However these oral pesticides are killing our dogs! Don’t believe me? Go to Facebook and type in Trifexus, Nexgard, Bravecto and Simparica killed my dog. You will be shocked.

Lets think about this: You are letting your dog ingest pesticides and that seems ok? Just because your dog may not be having any issues yet does not mean its organs are ok.

Now if you are willing,  there are alternatives. I am not telling you that this is what you should do; I am simply letting everyone know what I do for my dogs and it works!!

For fleas and ticks I use organic Pyrethrins that I purchase from Amazon. It is a plant derived natural pesticide that has been found very safe for mammals. I spray this about 3 times a year around my dog areas and it really works. It is very effective against fleas and ticks along with other insects including spiders.

I do give 1/2 dose of Frontline to puppies before they go to their new home because Frontline is the least dangerous topical out there and the puppies new homes may have fleas or ticks around. So if someone had an active flea problem they should use the Frontline at least one month along with the pyrethrin spray. The spray should be used every 2 weeks for at least a couple of months to make sure new hatchlings are killed.

For hookworms, roundworms and some tapeworms I use Safeguard and Pyrantel Pamoate which I alternate between. These can also be purchased from Amazon with the proper dosage for dogs. Deworm 2 times a year unless your dog is around stagnant water, rodents, birds, wildlife etc then you should deworm about 4 times a year. These dewormers are extremely safe. ******The only dewormer safe for pregnant dogs is Frontline*****

For the other tapeworm I use Praziquantel about 2 times a year. Again, Amazon carries this.

Then there is the nasty Giardia and Coccidiosis. For most of you, you will not have a problem with these disgusting parasites. I keep my adults and puppies free of these by using Frontline for 5 days for Giardia and toltrazuril one dose given at .1cc per lb of body weight for Coccidia. I also use a product called cocci guard that I add to the dogs dry food to keep coccidiosis under control.