Our Facility/Kennels


This is a panoramic view of our property. Our 10 acre Property is completely fenced with chain link and field fencing and the dogs have plenty of room to roam, play and investigate. They are only kenneled when we have visitors or at night. click on pictures to get a more clear version.

panoramic view



Below is my office where I have crates for the dogs to sleep in at night. It is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. At least 2 dogs are kept out at night to patrol and they all get turns to have nights out.

Yes that is a jail for the “bad guys!” (Human bad guys, not dogs)








This is my enclosed kennels where the puppies are raised. The puppies have 8×16 kennels that are securely locked at night and during the day have access to a puppy pen attached to their kennels so they have access to¬†sunlight daily starting at 4 weeks.








Below is a picture of our dog runs where the dogs are kept when we have visitors. The runs are a minimum of 24×24 and some are 24×48. Each run has shade, a dog house, automatic waters and a wading pool/trough.

dog runs







pup applying kitty and pup




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