2009 Testimonials

Von Ward Kennels 2009 Testimonials

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Introducing Wilton’s Puppy, added September 2009……….This puppy is by Braven and out of Dutchess

I just wanted to send you an update as to how happy I am with the GSD puppy I purchased from you. I couldn’t be happier with his intelligence and learning abilities. He has a high ball drive and loves to play tug. He is a valued member of my household. He is full of energy and is a pleasure to teach. He loves to learn and loves to please. He was potty trained in a week and a half, I was completely impressed and he is a merit to his breed. I will update you to his accomplishments as he progresses with his formal training. I am glad I purchased from you and your ranch. I have enclosed a couple recent pictures of him. Best of luck to your and your family.

WH, Miramar, San Diego County, CA

Introducing Sam, added August 2009……….This puppy is by Braven and out of Dutchess

Here is a photo of Sam, I also checked your website and your new pups look awsome.

G, San Diego, CA

Meet Peter’s puppy, added December 2009……….This puppy is by Braven and out of Dutchess

Peter, El Cajon, San Diego County, CA


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